SVG Null Pointer Exception

I am loading 7 svg file and using child to get top and back of the form. Everything is working with my first set of icons but I wanted to try other forms I have created set 2 icon. I have fame all the. File and the shape object the same name. Illustrator file = icon-00.svg, layer= icon , shape1 =top0, shape2=back0. I get Null Pointer Exception when loading any of the child of the file of the set 2


Since it working with the first set I image, the problem is how I have saved the file. I think I have tried all possibilities but with no result. Maybe I was luck for my first set and I don't remember exactly what I have done.

Please if you have any suggestion let me know. I kind stuck on what is the problem.



  • Answer ✓

    I have fixed the problem. Open each file merge another shape with the actual shape and rename the object and save.

    hope this can help another person.

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