Prevent video in fullscreen to reduce frame rate i.e. get choppy

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If I play a video (size 640x360) in fullscreen (using the Processing Video library) the video playback is extremely choppy as if the framerate is reduced to 12fps or less. If I play the video in size(640,360) or equal the original video, the quality is fine.

I've tried putting framerate up and down but it didn't solve the issue. I'm new to processing and I have no clue what causes the issue.

I'm using the example app "loop" from the video library. You can reproduce the issue by exchanging size() with fullScreen().

Does anyone encounter the same issues and can help me?


  • I have no clue what causes the issue

    you're resizing an image, 60 times a second. then you are filling a screen full of pixels, 60 times a second...

  • I lowered reduced the framerate. Doesn't help. Any idea about a solution? I just want to play a short video clip in fullscreen. Nothing fancy I'd assume.

  • Trying to help out blindly, w/o posted code, is unfruitful!
    Post your attempt so we can have some idea what's going on!

  • I lowered reduced the framerate. Doesn't help.

    lowered reduced framerate of what?

    Nothing fancy I'd assume.

    there's your problem... people seem to think they can make something 4 times as large and it won't require any more processing. google 'bilinear interpolation' sometime... that calculation has to be done for each pixel.

  • People are used to video players with fullscreen features. That's pretty standard but apparently beyond the processing video libraries.

  • hardware != software

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