Auto Start Sketch (OSX) Or...

Processing 2.21 MacBook Pro 14' 10.10

I am having a few "last mile problems" getting this project up and running.

This is my first time working with starting up applications and files from boot on a Mac OSX. I found this program to be very helpful - Power Manager - which is a lightweight GUI over the top of what the OS can do already.

I have a simple application that sends video out via Syphon; essentially an invisible video cable between programs. Really really handy. When a movie clip ends the next one plays. It just keeps looping the contents of a folder. It works great when I hit "Run" in the Processing IDE. Butter smooth. And it even routes right into MadMapper and over multiple screens with ease.

I essentially want to schedule this program and the associated mapping to file to launch everyday.

I exported the sketch. I had a warning saying it would not export a 32-bit version because that was not supported. But when I launched the exported app it still ran fine standing alone. Most excellent I thought!

I then took some time to route the exported app into MadMapper; a great projection mapping tool. This is where the trouble started. It would now run very slow. Choppy, really slow. Missing frames. Sluggish GUI on both programs. Fans engaging. The exported app was running waaay slower than the exact same code in the IDE. I am not sure why this is? Why would it run any different after being exported?

This led me to a possible alternative. I could launch the actual sketch on boot... But how to hit "Run" in the IDE without being there? I think this would be very useful as well, even if the exported could be fixed. For instance, I have sketches which will not export (openCV, etc) yet I would still like to use wither the command line, or thus a scheduling app, to launch.

Any tips, ideas, or suggestions would be much appreciated,


  • My solution was to use this program, "Mac Auto Mouse Click", to generate a file that would run a script that would click a mouse anywhere you wanted. Very powerful. I then used this program, "PowerManager", to schedule the various order of tasks, including the mouse click, after Processing has been opened.

    Since it always opens in the same place the mouse always clicks run. Very hacky. But it works flawlessly.

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