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edited February 2016 in p5.js

hi, i want to use textarea with korean characters input, so i have to use p5.dom library. if it's possible, i want include the p5.dom library into processing sketch. or, convert this p5.js sketch to processing and show it on processing.

var input, button, greeting;

function setup() {

// create canvas createCanvas(710, 400);

input = createInput(); input.position(20, 65);

button = createButton('submit'); button.position(150, 65); button.mousePressed(greet);

greeting = createElement('h2', 'what is your name?'); greeting.position(20, 5);

textAlign(CENTER) textSize(50); }

function greet() { var name = input.value(); greeting.html('hello '+name+'!'); input.value('');

for (var i=0; i<200; i++) { push(); fill(random(255), 255, 255); translate(random(width), random(height)); rotate(random(2*PI)); text(name, 0, 0); pop(); } }

thank you..



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