My serial data doesn't show up in processing

edited January 2016 in Arduino

Hi, I'm new here and I already have a question.

It's about my serial port. I have an Arduino attached to my mac, and it sends data (from 2 potentiometers) to the serial port. I know this works fine because I can see this data in both the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor as well as in terminal. I know my Arduino is on port 9. I have this coded in Processing, and it worked all fine, until a few days ago.

Since then every program in Processing I start which has something to do with reading data from this port fails, and I get this message: NullPointerException. I then figured out that Processing thinks there's is no data at all from my serial port. (Even a simple example program from this site fails)

How can I fix this? I really have no idea anymore and I'm a bit desperate , so any help is welcome. Thanks in advance, Susan X_X



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