Nifty GUI library

As part of my efforts to write a game engine in Processing, I ported over a widely used Java GUI engine called Nifty GUI to Processing. I'm posting the library here in hopes that someone might find it useful, before I return to Eclipse to bury myself in the engine code.

Some documentation can be found on their Github site, and in a very handy PDF guide, but the library remains quite sparsely documented. To help remedy that, I've also ported over some of their examples to the Processing IDE, hopefully it'll help someone.

Do post question if you have any here, and I'll try to help you out. I apologize in advance for my slow response time.

Link to download:



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    Something interesting I found online - a Nifty GUI editor. This will be handy in creating your interfaces.

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    Interesting stuff. I'll have to take a look at it. I've got a project in the works that would benefit from both. Thanks for your efforts and the heads up! :)

  • Hey Barefists! Would you mind re-uploading? Looks really interesting.

  • Ok. Link should be working now. :)

  • Wow. That is a really, really impressive collection of out-of-the-box demos under all.pde.

    Great port. Have you considered posting this as a GitHub repo so that it stays up and is browse-able / fork-able?

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    Hi Jeremy, the port is included in the main nifty repo at: It also covers many other implementations such as JOGL and LWJGL.

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    Got it. Looks great!

    For people using the download vs github, it like the download includes this code directory (everything the examples need, pre-built):

    • eventbus-1.4.jar
    • nifty-1.4.1.jar
    • nifty-default-controls-1.4.1.jar
    • nifty-minim-soundsystem.jar
    • nifty-processing-renderer.jar
    • xmlpull-xpp3-1.1.4c.jar

    ...while the main github repo instead has a src directory linked to and

  • where i can download the examples to engine ?? :)

  • Hi GeorgeJava, just grab the download from the link above, open example.pde and run it. It should run all the examples. :)

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