Display window VERY slow to appear on dual monitor Windows 10

edited January 2016 in Using Processing

I am new to processing and have been running it just fine on my Windows 7 laptop. I decided I wanted to run it on my deskside which has dual monitors and a high end graphics card and runs Windows 10. I installed processing without incident but when I try and run a sketch ... and I hit the play button ... the display windows takes 1-2 minutes to appear. After that, I can interact with the display perfectly. If I close the display and re-start the sketch, again ... 1-2 minutes to appear. I have rebooted my PC and tried to find any error logs ... but I can't seem to find any issues ... it is just frustratingly slow to show the display. I searched the forums but couldn't find any obvious matches. Has anyone heard/seen anything like this before? I can demonstrate live if that would help or else provide any logs that may be useful. Many thanks in advance ... Neil


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