what's the difference?

edited January 2016 in p5.js

So, I've been using processing for a while, and recently stareted using p5.js, but since this lenguage accepts both processing and js commands,I've been using regardlessly processing and javascript commands; I've never used javascript before, so I was wondering, what does pt.js have more than js? Is it like whit java and processing where P by itself takes care of some of the deep parts of the project?

As of now I've found that most of the commands of p5 are a block of commands in js made to look like processing, like println for console.log(BTW, it has a glitch I belive, as printing a json object whit println gives sometimes a different result than console.log).

Does p5.js lay the fundation of the script, leaving a "programmer" free to take care of high level problems, or does it add completly new functions?


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