Audio visuals using minim

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Hello, I wanna share this code that I made using minim audio library.

isnt too much complicated but I love it. since I was little i was very attracted to the idea of image responding to rhythm.

so my computer can't run this code appropriately, its lags like 3 - 8 fps when the best parts of the songs come lol

if someone can run this smoothly, record it as a video and then upload it, I'll give you a giant cheesy pizza


also you can try it with any song, its really entertaining



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    A bit flashy (the circles in the middle sometimes cover a very large section of the scree for a single frame then shrink again), but interesting. I love how you've drawn the waveforms with circles rather than the traditional lines. Unfortunately my computer screen isn't big enough to see the whole thing... otherwise I would try to record it for you. Maybe you could try basing all of the drawings on the width and height of the sketch so people could adjust it? Also, you would then be able to downsize it so you could record it with less lag.

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