Using speaker output as input for p5.sound.js

Hi there!

I want to analyze the songs I'm playing on my PC, for example, listening to something on Youtube and generating it's FFT. So that means I need to use the output (speakers) as an input for the FFT. I've been looking up the reference but I can't see how to access the output. In Minim for Processing the equivalent was Minim.STEREO.

Another thing I have realized, is that when running the sketch all audio I was playing in my browser goes quieter, like when I receive a Skype call. Is there a way to change this so it doesn't happen?

This is what I have so far but it doesn't work, any help would be greatly appreciated:

var audioSignal;

function setup() {


  audioSignal = new p5.AudioIn()

  fft = new p5.FFT();

  var spectrum = fft.analyze(); 


function draw() {



  • Hello SimplyEnvision !

    From what I've seen in the audioIn reference page you can't set a specific source in the code, it will be selected once the code execute and in different manners depending on the browser ( some browsers don't even support it ).

    I guess as a static solution ( if you want to run this only on a specific computer ) you could use the listSource() function to try and identify your speakers ID to use in setSource(ID).

  • Hey! Thank you for your help!

    What if the sound was playing in another browser window, would that change anything? Is there any way of accessing that audio easier?


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