Having a problem using String Lists

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(Repost with hopefully correct code paste and the somewhat arcane method of indicating code...)

I'm attempting to use String Lists to create a simple scrolling text display. Below is a test snippet to show the prob I'm having with String Lists. The For Loop moves each line up, starting from the top and moving down. It appears there is a bug or problem with the String List 'get' function. If you break inside the for loop that does the scroll, you see in the variables that 'line' keeps getting a NULL value - and I suspect this is why the scroll doesn't really work.

Are there any known problems with the String lists, or am I just not using it correctly?

Code follows:

String curmsg[];  // Holds current message loaded from data folder
StringList vp;      // Will hold each line to be displayed on the view port
String line;

int i, j, k, vpWdoSize = 21;

void setup() {
  size(500, 440); // Width, Height; X-coord, Y-coord
  vp = new StringList();


void draw() {
  for ( i=vpWdoSize-1; i<=0; i--) {
    vp.set(i, vp.get(i-1));  // EG: Line 19 moves to line 20; then line 18 moves to 19, etc...
  vp.set(0,k++ +" new data");
  text(frameCount+" dummy",30,random(30,420));


void setvp(){
  for (i=0; i<vpWdoSize; i++) {
    vp.set(i,"mt-"+i );  // initialize the viewport array

  k = 0;


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