My "display" of processing isn't working, why is that?

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I right my code, but when I run it the "display" comes out as a grey little square but doesn't show me anything, how can I solve it?? please help!!



  • If i was you, i would post the code that doesn't work. If there is problem with it, we could maybe find it.
    Did you try to run one of the examples instead of your own code?

  • I'll try, but the code I put in it was just like to start, so a rect and an ellipse

  • the examples are working, so is it me that I don't get how to view the things or I don't know, btw thanks :)

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    Without seeing your code, we can still only guess.
    Maybe your rectangle/ellipse is drawn outside of the window?
    If you use size() you can change the window-size.

    size(400, 400);
    rect(100, 50, 200, 300);
  • thanks a lot, now I figured out what was the problem ahahaah

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