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This year we are organizing a club for kids where they will be able to study different optional courses. One of them will be Processing. The course lasts about 7 hours - one day. Kids, 13-14, have no (or very little) prior experience in programming.

I thought someone might suggest a resourece to look for ideas and leveled projects.

I am really interested in Problem-Based Learning so I woud rather present a case which they will be able to gradually finish, rather than just tell them about different types of algorythms.

Just to paint the full picture: I am not a CS teacher (I teach Physics), but he is not coming and he thinks that Prcoessing is a spin-off of Java and not worth looking into (he is a Pascal lover:). Also he doesn't start formal progremming till next year, and when he does they only solve abstract tasks with no visual component.


  • 7 hours in one day, that's quiet extensive! Especially, if you want to teach them how to use processing and make them solve tasks in one day.

    I think the minimum knowledge is what is given in introduction tutorial and tutorial about coordinate system. This along with the reference should be enough to draw static images on screen, which may be fun (they can draw a car, a tree or any kind of stuff they want for a first task.) But interactivity is more fun, so they should be introduced to using variables and mouse or keyboard input too.

    Then, general programming concepts should be explained. The conditionals may be explained through bouncing example. Then loops, then maybe arrays. They can end up making a small game, like arkanoid or some kind of space invader (you can give them spaceship sprites that you have from previous project) or anything reliable.

    I don't think that it is possible to get to objects, ArrayLists and other intermediate stuff. But should be enough to get kids interested.

    Pascal was my first programming language when I was like 13. Not much fun, really. Even when I was introduced to Delphi, we used canvas to draw on form and create a snake game (making a game is much more fun!), but this is so much easier to do with processing.

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    Since you've only got 1 day to teach them, methinks this course plan below is right to the point: :D

  • Thanks Ater, GoToLoop - A wonderful resource!

  • Look at the program scratch. It's a lot simpler then processing, but also with a ceiling a lot lower. But it might be better for a 1 day thing.

  • O yeah make sure to gave those kids a 5 min break every hour :)

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    I believe for 13-14 years old Scratch isn't that necessary. :bz
    Khan's JS course is so easy that even 10 years old can learn from it iMO. O:-)

  • There is a Google group called Processing Educators you might like to join. It is aimed at people teaching with Processing so you might find someone who has done something similar.

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