Processing 3: fullscreen(P2D) mode quirkyness

Hi everyone, I'm developing a sketch for realtime image analysis which is very cpu-gpu hungry and which should be run in fullscreen P2D mode to improve graphic performance. All works fine, except starting and quitting. It takes around 10 seconds to start. If I switch to JAVA2D graphic performance is poor but it takes only 1-2 seconds or so. After quitting by hitting esc key, screen remains frozen on last frame and does not revert back to normal windowed screen. Computer is not crashed but I can't see what I'm doing because fullscreen image has not been removed and covers everything else. So I'm forced to press twice the standby button on the computer to clear the screen buffer and get in touch again with the system. After that the console does not give errors, it seems everything else works fine. And also in this case if I switch to JAVA2D or use the default renderer the sketch is slower but quits correctly. I'm on Windows 8.1/Processing 3, anyone knows how to get rid of this annoying bug? Thank you in advance...



  • Dunno. I mostly use JAVA2D only. But you can try out newest Processing's 3 FX2D renderer.

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