What can Dart mean for processing.java fans who also wants the power of web?

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Hi everyone,

Say, I just want to stay with processing.Java and share my processing work on the web like what p5.js can do but without learning Javascript.

Does Dart provide a solution for this? What possibilities does Dart offer for processing fans who want to stay with Java? What problems can Dart solve for processing.java users who want to access web?

Thank you



  • In order to have some "Dart Mode", Processing would need to be re-written in Dart as well.
    Just like pjs & p5.js had to do in order to run in JS. :-<

  • yeah, I guess the improved Javascript gives Dart no chance to replace it on the web. Even Google prefers javascript over Dart for chrome.

  • Google has contributed to the Dart project. ;)

    Dart offers nothing for Processing fans who want to stay with Java, it can't unless someone creates a 'Dart mode'.

    For programmers like myself who are comfortable with developing applications in statically types languages like Java, Dart provides a quick and easy route into web programming, a lot quicker than programming in Javascript.

    Dart combines the advantages of a statically typed language with the power of Javascript. Don't forget that Dart compiles the source code to Javascript.

  • For JS statically typed help, try out TypeScript. ;)

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