How to open processing code in BlueJ IDE?

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I try to use the UML feature of BlueJ for my processing program, but BlueJ cannot open .pde file. What can I do to open my .pde processing files in BlueJ? Or is it possible to run processing code in other Java IDE?





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    • ".pde" is exclusive to Processing's IDE (PDE).
    • For any other Java IDE, we gotta use ".java" extension files instead.
    • You'll have to configure those IDE's w/ Processing's class path though.
  • @GoToLoop, Thanks! However, I am a newbie in programming, is there a convenient way for you to show me how to "configure those IDE's w/ Processing's class path though"?

    • Never used Processing in other IDEs.
    • AFAIK, the same similar procedures are used for setting up an IDE to work w/ Processing.
    • Instructions for Eclipse is the most abundant:
    • Sorry I can't be much of help in this matter.
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    The Processing pre-processor means that the code you see in the Processing IDE is not fully formed Java so won't run unaltered in another Java IDE.

    I haven't tried this so I am not guaranteeing it will work but if you use the Export Application menu option and select Mac OSX (even if your OS is different) then in the window that is displayed, open the folder application.macosx in there you will see the source folder. Inside that you will see the .java files (ignore any pde files) copy these files into a BlueJ project and you should be able to use the UML tool.

    Note that classes that form part of Processing e.g. PApplet or those from contributed libraries will not show u in class diagrams.

  • @quark @GoToLoop Thanks a lot, I will give a try.

  • and select Mac OSX (even if your OS is different)

    It works the same way with Windows. On my system, the export for OSX option is even greyed out!

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    @quark @colouredmirrorball Thank you very much, it did work. I am able to find and open the .java file in BlueJ, however, as you pointed out all the processing libraries are not imported, so BlueJ won't compile the .jar file from processing.

    import processing.core.*; import*; import processing.event.*; import processing.opengl.*;

    error: processing.core does not exist

    I found out how to import custom library into BlueJ, but I couldn't find the processing libraries (the library is empty in processing folder), nor Eclipse way of importing processing libraries seems working. Did I not miss the right place to locate processing libraries? or should I download processing library from github and use them?


  • Core libraries are located @: "installed_folder"/core/library/.

  • @GoToLoop thanks! I use macPro for processing, but under processing folder, there are only four subfolders: examples, libraries, modes, tools. Except examples folder, the rest are empty. Where exactly are they?

  • The most important Processing stuff is in core.jar, maybe you can let your file browser search for it?

  • @colouredmirrorball I did search "processing.core" and "core.jar" with command F and spotlight but no result. What else should I try?

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    On the Mac open Finder and click on Applications find the Processing app and click on it. On the big icon right-click and select Show Contents core.jar can be found in the folder java > core the OpenGL jars are in the folder are in the folder java > core > library copy (DO NOT MOVE) any jar files you need to the BlueJ project.

  • @quark Thank you so much for your patience! you made my day!!! Now, the file from processing can be compiled in BlueJ. Thanks again!

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