Is Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers, Second Edition Ready for 3.0

I love this stuff. The new new of software, and also the tactile qualities of a book.

I am sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but is this version ready for 3.0?

I am hoping to upgrade my library and I am curious if it is ready for the new world of Processing 3.0.


  • I only have the first edition and I think even that one is ready enough for 3.0. It's a really great book that covers a lot of content. There won't be a third edition anytime soon so I say buy it :)

  • Thank you for the recommendation.

    I just noticed a lot of new features in the new one, screen sizes, multiple displays, etc. Wanting to make sure that I'm not learning the wrong way to do all the new stuff.

  • I think you will only learn less from the first edition. Nothing wrong :D

  • All of the code and ideas in this book are compatible with Processing 3.0. It was all planned. :)

  • Answer ✓

    To be more clear, the book doesn't cover some of the new Processing 3.0 features, but it doesn't have any old/wrong information it in regarding Processing 3.0. All of the code in the book was run with alpha versions of Processing 3.0 and the book was written to be reasonably future proof.

  • Thanks for the future forward thinking REAS!

    I look forward to the physical copy and diving into the new 3.0 Processing world.

    Of course, thank you so much for all the effort leading up to this!

  • Maybe there could be a book that discusses advanced topics and popular libraries like minim.

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