p5.js + phonegap? Can it be done?

I was just wondering if it would be possible to create an app with p5.js, wrap it with phonegap and then submit it to the app store ? From what I gathered from my searches, it could possible, but I can't find any example or details.

So... Can it be done? Did anyone succeed?

I've been using Processing for quite a while now but I'm beginning to learn p5.js and javascript, so sorry if my question is naive / doesn't make sense. I'd like to create a very simple game (Pong simple) for iOS and, to be honest, I can't convince myself to learn Swift...

Alright, thanks! :)



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    I've never used phonegap but in principle I see no reason why you couldn't use p5js alongside it. It's clearly possible to use third party libraries, though you may need to check what process it uses to load in dependencies: some module loaders expect libraries in a specific format...

    I'd recommend writing your sketch in instance mode: I feel the default of making p5 methods global is a little too risky if you're using it in tandem with other libraries.

    You should also probably look to create a very simple app with phonegap first to get a sense of the requirements before extending that to use p5js.

  • Great! Thanks. I'll do exactly that : create a very simple app with phonegap and then try and expand it. When I get some sense of how it all works out, I'll give you an update.

  • this is a really exciting field that I am just starting to know about. Is it a good workflow?

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