Missing .exe files (processing 3.0)

Hello to everybody.

I recently downloaded the processing 3.0, but it turns out the executable files in order to open the program disappear after the file extraction. Already saw the Anti-virus but no complains at all. Even until uninstalled. Yet the files still do not appear. My operating system is Windows 7. Has anyone had this problem?

Thank you.


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    Some tips:

    • Since its primordials, like Win98 or earlier, Windows always "Hide extensions for known file types".
    • Click Tools -> Folder Options and uncheck that virus-prone "feature".
    • And use a more established compression/extract utility like 7-Zip:
  • The executable file is still missing.

  • Can you open the compressed file and check the file is in there? Can you uncompress only that file?

  • If I try to extract only the .exe files, winrar show me a extract error.

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