[P3D] Transparent texture hiding previous ones but not following ones (Bug ?)

Hi everyone !

I have an issue with my transparent textures in P3D but I don't know if it's a but or not.

These 4 screenshots will explain my problem better than words : 1st one : We can see all walls in front of the penultimate wall. bug1

2nd one : We can't see the 1st and 2nd walls because they are "hidden" by the 3rd wall. bug2

3rd one : We can't see any wall because they are "hidden" by the last wall. bug3

4th one : Anything behind the last wall is "hidden" but not behind the 1st/2nd/3rd wall. bug4

And there is another strange thing : The floor is displayed before the walls but we can still see it !

Does anyone have a solution ? It is a bug (that I have to report) ?

Thanks a lot !


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    This bug is known in Processing P3D and has annoyingly been reported many times and not been fixed. I reported it myself in the past but it was a duplicate of this: https://github.com/processing/processing/issues/90

    That is currently closed, perhaps open a new issue and mention that it is a duplicate of the closed issue

    Some people on this forum have mentioned that the solution for now is to find the order that objects should be drawn by keeping track of them yourself in 3D space and finding the order from the view of the camera

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    Actually looking at that again, codeanticode may have implemented it on Aug 3rd?


  • I'll try to open a new one because if codeanticode have done something that don't work, there is a problem :p

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    that changed code only runs if the ENABLE_DEPTH_SORT hint is defined, so you might need to add that (if you haven't already)

  • I tried (and it works) but it had some weird clipping so ... :/

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