What are the advantages of using Processing?

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Hi all, I'm a new user to Processing and although I've enjoyed using it I'd like to understand more about its pros and cons in comparison to other programming languages and for its uses. I've used it to build a game for 6 year olds...

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    In my opinion, the advantages are huge.

    I don't know any other language that is more powerful.

    • It is very easy to download and install

    • It allows immediate programming with an easy entrance

    • it allows full screen (!) or window exes on Win, Linux and Mac, it allows browser based Apps and even Adroid

    • It is very well documented with lots of examples and fantastic tutorials

    • it is inexhaustible for bigger projects with lots of librarys

    • very helpful forum and a great communtiy

    • good books with excellent online ressources

    • you can even turn to eclipse or JAVA easily

  • Also:

    • Additional modes for Android and JavaScript
    • Powerful graphics support e.g. OpenGL and Retina displays

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    The disadvantage of processing is that it is a programming language, meaning that it is low level. You don't have a Game Engine, you can't just check in a car or an enemy, you don't have sprites directly at hand. You can't have a message box or an input box or draw a GUI. (I know Java itself is even more low level, so processing capsules a lot of stuff and does a lot for you, but still).

    It depends on what you want to do with processing. Low level is great for art work (which is the core purpose of processing) and it is great for beginners. When it comes to designing games, processing is great to learn the basics but you then need something more.

    You can get a lot of it by using library in processing though. There even comes a cool GUI designer etc.

    To read more about game design and some hints for game engines / game editors see here:


  • Processing has a low floor and a high ceiling.

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