Serial Port connection too slow?

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Suddenly my Serial port connection got very slow, but only when dealing with processing. No problems on arduino console. The delay is huge and sometimes no communication happens even though it is established. This happened after two things that I think are not related: 1. Installed PlatformIO (; 2. Installed Processing3 (already tried the same example scripts over and over on different versions);

I'm running it on MacOsX.

Can you help me?

Thanks in Advance,



  • You must have more specific. Explains the problem better. In which direction the communication is too slow? I just solved a problem with the help of "GoToLoop"

  • Both directions! Any of the processing examples. it's not a code problem, it's just a bug that I can't diagnose.

  • Did you change the baut rate or whatever it is called?

  • I will give a try, but it was 9600 on both sides and working with terminal. thanks

  • no it happens because arduino is sending too much data. I tried it at the fastest speed (250000) and there is still a lag. what i did was at a delay of 25 millisec to the arduino sketch. that fixed the problem. if you use delays of smaller than 25 milisec it will gradually lag even more till you get to delay(0);

    Hope that answers ur question

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