Identify and convert a vector graphic with PDF library

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Hello everybody!

I would like to ask if there is any way to convert vector graphics in a pdf into regular images.

My main purpose is to convert pdf files into html web pages.

The way I do it is by using pdflib (in php) which works pretty well except that it fails to identify vector graphics in the pdf.

PDFlib can identify correctly the regular images though.. so I was thinking that maybe is possible to use processing to automatically convert all the vectors into regular images and export it as pdf which will be loaded to the php script..

I know the whole procedure sounds sloppy but if it works I do not mind..

Are there any suggestions for that?

The original pdf files that contain vector graphic are produced with QuarkXpress..

Some solutions of saving the pdf into HTML by using save as in several programs do not work as the resulting layout is very messed up than the original one..

Also the option of saving into HTML and keeping ONLY the images does not work as PDFlib won't know how to use them due to the lack of positioning information..

Do you think the processing PDF library can help at all?

Thank you very much in advance!

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