Somethings are not working.

Hello i'm new to this forum. Am i right that this is the forum for the Nature of Code book? ( i've been confused because of the code its not working. I'm using Java and its hard to convert the code to Java. Can somebody here enlighten me. Thank you!



  • hello and welcome!

    this forum is for processing. A programming language.

    so the forum is also for the book but not only ;-)

    this forum and the book work best with processing (instead of Java). Processing can be downloaded and installed. It is based on Java and can run Java, but brings its own framework making stuff easier for beginners. See


    are you using eclipse with pure JAVA?

    there is a tutorial about this

    Best, Chrisir ;-)

  • The Eclipse tutorial is for Processing 2.2.1 so make sure you use those libraries. The tutorial will not work with later versions.

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