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Hey, just wanted to ask if someone can recommend me a good book on the artist Sol LeWitt? Looking at amazon:,k:sol+lewitt&keywords=sol+lewitt&ie=UTF8&qid=1440328763 there's a lot of options to pick from. Does someone here have one of those books?



  • Yes i know how to google Sol LeWitt. ty. i was hoping for someone to tell me their opinion who has a physical copy.

  • you could ask on the wikipedia discussion site

  • Why don't you read the amazon reviews for each book.

  • I did. But having past experience with artist books, i know that a lot of them are just "catalogues" with little or no text ( like artist's thought processes... etc. ). And without the "look inside" feature on most of them i can't be sure. : (

  • Sol Lewitt: Critical Texts Sol Lewitt: A Retrospective

    both contain texts by and essays about Sol Lewitt, both are rather large books. Critical Texts has very few pictures and A Retrospective is full of pictures. Both are quite expensive. Hopefully you can get them from the library. I hope this helps.

  • Thank you nnnoooaahhh! This reply is very helpful. Now i can narrow down my search. Thanks!

  • let me know what you think of those Sol Lewitt books. Your question got me thinking a lot about Lewitt again, and reminded me of a few interviews with him I found online awhile back. Here are my favorites. overall they are somewhat general and give a broad view of his life and thinking. The books are more likely to have information about his process and specifics about projects. also, there is a book about his books in particular that is one of my favorites.

    link to a pdf of an interview at the Museum of Modern Art, pretty substantial, from 1994:

    another interview (and transcript) here:

    another favorite, from BOMB magazine:

  • Sorry for the super late reply Noah! Thanks for the additional input and links : ) I will definitely read them for sure! Have an awesome day : )

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    There are some books specifically about his wall drawings and others about his sculptures if you have a specific interest in either. University art libraries are often open to the public and the best place to browse.

  • Thanks for the answer Casey! I'll do that : ) Keep up the good work with Processing!

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    is this a question for processing??? -- what is the best book about marcel duchamp???

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    Which is why it was posted in the general section. In any case > Sol LeWitt > Serial and Rule-based Art > definable with algorithms > doable in Processing > Example; Casey Reas >

  • @Tngabor=== and so????? google for sol LeWitt... google for duchamp or Artaud or Malevich and don't make "general discussion" is it the place for??? why??? why about "shakespeare"

  • @ Tngabor=== (could be that you think that slv is only an algo) another problem!!!!

  • that's why it is called general discussion: it's a general topic

    also, it even has to do with computer generated art

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