Book/Tutorial recommendation for an experienced programmer

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Sorry if this was asked before, I couldn't find it on the forum nor the web site:

I was wondering if there is a Processing book that doesn't go through basic programming concepts.

The books I glimpsed through were all covering programming basics, I would skip those parts but I thought there was a chance that I could be skipping an important point during the process.

I am experienced with Java (and many other languages) and was wondering what would be the most effective way for me to start learning Processing.

Thanks in advance.



  • I like Generative Design

    Hartmut Bohnacker et al

    own website

    also The Nature of Code: Simulating Natural Systems with Processing

    dives in into advanced areas, also own website

  • Sorry I forgot to mention. I am looking for an online resource. Generative Design's website does not offer e-book purchases.

  • true

    Generative Design has its own website with the code...

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