Pre Java

I understand this language to be deemed Processing. In my studies at the University of Cincinnati I came across in Digital Design. It was my weakest subject programming was. I got lost in pop and push in terms of matrices and I lost hope when after two hours of discussion I could not mentally fathom pop and push. It was a term requirement to include pop and push and I mentally could not fathom the concept.

I became flustered.

I dropped out of Digital Design.

I went on to receive an English Literature degree.

I have also gone on to read numerous reference manuals in the computer science field. I have at one point owned four to six reference manuals for I fathom as the most interesting language I have come across. In part because of the exhibitions that I have come across in regards to Processing.

I would like to add to the field in in terms of nomenclature. I have come across some terminology that I creatively wordsmithed that deals with a more proficient way of searching for processing information online.

The term "processing" is used in a number of fields. It is a standard word that comes up regularly. In terms of english literature my addition to the field of programming has to do with nomenclature and understanding the need for more english and latin based nomenclature for these terms. I understand that Greek and Arabic terms could also be used but I error on the side of latin and english for describing the unfolding needs of discussing programming errata and techniques.

I have come across a term that fits with processing and would be useful in terms of search engines and specifically identifying processing related materials online.

Pre - Java

If processing was known as "Pre Java" I dare say it would serve a the processing community in more robust fashion.

I believe this to be true.




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    I believe it's a tad too l8 to invent another nomenclature for Processing I'm afraid.
    When searching outside Processing's site, it helps suffixing the word "language" to it btW.
    Another nickname for Processing is "p5" or "Proc5ssing"! ;))

    However the real issue is that Processing is a framework toolkit for various programming languages.
    Calling Processing "Pre Java" is extremely limiting for its many facets!

    We got JavaScript w/ both p5.js & pjs (JavaScript Mode) frameworks.
    Plus CoffeeScript (CoffeeScript Mode), Ruby, Closure (as Quill), Python (Python Mode), etc.
    C++ w/ OpenFrameworks & C/C++ w/ Arduino too!

    You see, better get used w/ Processing term for all eternity! :))

  • Okay. It was my first post. I tried to be relevant and apply my training.

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    thank you!

    do you mean "pre" as in "before"?

    then it's more "post-Java" since it relies on Java and encapsules its methods making it easier to use. So processing comes after java.

    also better without the space signs, so not "post - java" but "post-java".

    because Google doesn't like spaces very much when they are inside one given word that's seen as a whole I guess

    but as has been said, too late... go for p5 etc.

    Chrisir ;-)

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