Processing vr rift

I am working on an AR Oculus rift project. Has anyone had aby experience integrating oculus sensor data into sketch?


  • I would need to know what is an Oculus sensor.
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  • Yes, I've got some experience with it. There's a Java library called JRift which pretty much gives you all sensor data of the rift ( rotations of your head ). Next step is barrel distorting your sketch with the right parameters ( see rift manual pdf ), but there are some resources about that on the net.

  • Hey all,

    Has anyone looked at Oculus-bridge? It uses a web socket to send data from the Oculus Rift to browsers. works on Mac and win.

    I was wondering, it must be easy (not for me but maybe someone) to write a simple Processing sketch that reads the web socket data??

    Could anyone help with this?

    Here are the links to Oculus-Bridge:

    If anyone would be kind enough to write a processing Sketch that reads the tracking data, I would be forever in your debt. :)

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