*unsolved* Play sound onto microphone??

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Hi! I want to make a soundboard, which plays sounds so the computer handles the sounds as if they were inputs from my microphone. This is my only problem about doing a soundboard. How do I do this? Thank you!



  • What do you have so far? Do you know how to make a button and detect when it is clicked? Do you know how to play a sound? Without seeing the code you already have working, we have no idea how far along you are in developing this, so you're basically asking us to do the whole thing for you, all at once, from scratch.

  • And in case I wasn't clear: POST YOUR CODE.

    If you don't have any code, attempt it, and POST YOUR ATTEMPT.

  • TfGuy44, please read my post again. Thanks.

    > This is my only problem about doing a soundboard.

  • Can't help with doing it programmatically, but if you'll change the recording device in your system from microphone to "Stereo Mix", the output of everything that sounds from your speakers would be sent as from microphone.

  • Yes that would work if I wanted ALL Music outputs to be transferred to inputs on my microphone. The case is that I want to choose specific programs that is the only programs a "stereo mix" would effect.

    Thanks! :)

  • i think the problem is that we don't know what you mean by 'a soundboard'.

    is it a processing sketch, is it an external program, is it hardware?

  • I think in this meaning:

    A soundboard is a computer program hat catalogues and plays many short soundbites and audio clips.

    The problem is in outputing sound. How to play audioclips, so the system would recognize them, as they source from the microphone input of the computer. You can then for example chat with friends, and instead of your voice they would hear epic phrases of James Bond.

  • Ater got the idea.

    Still dont know how yet.. :/

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