Avoid unwanted moire effect

Hi all,

I'm programming an animation with scaled, curved lines. When I use straight lines everything works fine. When I use a bezier curve parts of the image disappear (view example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qr9ary5uh2pt7si/ghostShape.png?dl=0).

I run a display function in a class from the draw in the main program:

void display(){
    scaleFactor = map(location.y, 0, height, 0.00001, 1);
    scale(1, scaleFactor);
    bezier(0, location.y+(width*0.333), width*0.333, 0+location.y, width*0.666, location.y+(width*0.6666), width, location.y+(width*0.333));
    //line(0,location.y,width,location.y); // this runs properly

Is there a way to avoid this effect?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Danielle.


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