jVSTwRapper + Processing


so Ive started a project in eclipse using processing, controlp5 and the beads libraries to create a drum step sequencer (very original I know). The project is here if you'd like to take a look. Its built with gradle and ive included a wrapper so its super easy to launch. Mind you in its current state its basically a half finished gui with a clock. Before moving forward with actual sound I wanted to see what the overhead would be to create a vst out of it.

I had a brief look at jVSTwRapper and from examples ive seen to use a non native gui you need to extend the VSTPluginGUIAdapter. Im confused how one could do this and use the processing libraries. So Im wondering has it been done? Is there examples anywhere? Any help would be much appreciated :)

While making it a vst is not something that HAS to happen I think it would be really cool. Otherwise think ill just try get it working as a standalone app and use the midi libraries from processing.

see the jVSTwRapper source page

this topic also seems relevant

regards, Tristan


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