Why does Minim's getBand() output is different even if it's the same audio source file?

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Hi everyone. I was wondering, for those who have used Minim, if you have ever tried to output on screen the amplitudes of a song using the FFT class and its getBand() method after performing the transform to an audio buffer.

My problem here is that, every time I execute my sketch, the visual output is always different, and I think it shouldn't be since it's the same mp3 file i'm using every time. The numerical output, that is, getBand(i)'s values are also always different, and I don't know why. I tried using the AudioListener interface provided by Minim in an attempt to prevent the loss of samples and perform the audio analysis in the class that implements this interface, however, I don't see any improvement at all.

Anyone might have any idea why this happens? Shouldn't the amplitudes be always be the same if it's the same audio file that's being transformed?

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