Reset the screen without calling background()

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I am making a GUI for a game, and I encountered some performance issues when animating buttons. I have a selector where the user can scroll through options horizontally across the screen.

The problem I am having is that each time I draw the button, the image does not disappear, so I need to reset the background. I have a saved image as the background, and images take a while to load in, so the frame rate drops significantly when the buttons are moving. I have also tried taking the center of the image, and only replacing the area where the buttons are moving, but it did not help.

Is there any way I can create an object that does not leave a trace, or a more elegant way of resetting the screen?

Thank you.


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    Post your code. It is impossible to see if you are doing anything wrong without it.

    You say "and images take a while to load in" which troubles me. Are you using loadImage() inside draw()?

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     void movePlantSelectButtonsLeft()
        //Drawing background image
        //Drawing other four buttons
         //Continue until second button is in the position of the first 
        if (plantArray[arrayPosition2].X > displayWidth/4)                             
        //Move Second and Third Boxes
                    plantArray[arrayPosition2].X -= 10;                      
                    plantArray[arrayPosition3].X -= 10;
        //Control Left Button Shrinking
                    if (plantArray[arrayPosition1].Width > 20)             
                      plantArray[arrayPosition1].X -= 5;
                      plantArray[arrayPosition1].Width -= 10;
         //Start growing the right button when there is enough space
         if (plantArray[arrayPosition3].X - displayWidth/10 <= displayWidth/2 + displayWidth/10)
                      fill(plantArray[arrayPosition1].R1, plantArray[arrayPosition1].G1, plantArray[arrayPosition1].B1);
                      rect(LeftTempX, displayHeight/2, LeftTempWidth, displayWidth/5); 
                      LeftTempX -= 5;
                      LeftTempWidth += 10;
                  } else
                    //Reset Values, Reorder Button Positions, and Exit Loop 
                    plantArray[arrayPosition1].Width = displayWidth/5;
                    plantArray[arrayPosition1].X = int(displayWidth * 0.75);
                    if (arrayPosition1 == arraySize - 1)
                      arrayPosition1 = 0;
                    if (arrayPosition2 == arraySize - 1)
                      arrayPosition2 = 0;
                    if (arrayPosition3 == arraySize - 1)
                      arrayPosition3 = 0;
                    LeftTempX = int(displayWidth * 0.75 + displayWidth/10);
                    LeftTempWidth = 0;
                    screen = "PlantSelect";
  • Sorry my code is so clunky, first time using the forums

  • Thanks, I was about to post this all in google drive

  • I wonder if I can use PGraphics to create buttons instead of just rect(). Ill try it out and post and update.

  • PGraphics runs on a separate buffer as the main window, but the two buffers are merged together to create one display output, overwriting the background. In the end, you need to reload the background...

    I think I will try to use animations, since it won't erase the background

  • I was half-way through screenshotting each frame of my menu, when I realized I wanted to put images on each of the buttons.

    I was looking at some other code on open processing, since i'm quite new to java, and programming in general. I realized that other programs had no trouble loading in images at a full 60 frames, meaning I must have a bottle neck somewhere.

    You were right TfGuy244, I must have an issue with my code. I go optimize my code and come back.

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    It turned out that I made a very stupid mistake, and I was loading from my data file each time I drew the background. That solved my problem. I'm sorry for wasting your guy's time over such a trivial thing, and thank you.

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