in need of native english speaking dude

Hi there

I am in the work of renewing my "quick portfolio" and, my english being what it is, I am looking for someone who is a native english speaker and knows his way around digital design and such. all together I think I have like 1 whole page of text to check.

Would anyone here be ready to give me a hand on that ?




  • You could just translate it using Google Translate (

  • Not really

  • even I speak a gooder english than Google translate ;)

  • Not native, sorry, but as an option, there are proofreading services, they charge about 10 pounds per 1000 words.

  • You might consider just posting the page here for people to poke at.

  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Yeah, just post the text here... or a link to it... I can read it over.

  • I would also take a look if this is something you still need (3 years later?). "English" is actually in my job title.

  • don't worry guys, 3 years ago I found help I just put that ascii guy because the forum always tells me that I got a post without answer so I tried to find an "answer" button, and because there was none, I thought maybe I had to post something again ;)

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    Don't forget that everybody is migrating to the new forum, @phoebus -- would love to see you over there after this one shuts down shortly. I don't think you will be getting any of those "unanswered" notices from the new Discourse system.

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