Multimedia Keys for Robot class or System sound control?


I'm trying to control the system volume via a Processing program.

I looked into the Robot class, and ran some demo code. "Normal" buttons like space (VK_SPACE) work just fine. However, multimedia keys don't seem to work (VK_VOLUME_UP). Nor does typing in the direct key codes for them.

Looking around, it seems that this is a limitation of the Robot class, in general.

As an alternative, I was also looking into directly manipulating the system sound. This seems a little more possible, in terms of general Java. But I haven't seen any examples that I could easily translate into Processing, yet.

I'd prefer getting the Robot class to output multimedia keys, since it will give me more control (Next Track, Previous Track, etc). However, any example of this functionality would be of great interest to me.

Thanks for any assistance with this!

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