twitter4j_4.0.3 Incompatible with Processing 2.2.2. Why...

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The static method createStatus() in the class TwitterObjectFactory - that have replaced the deprecated DataObjectFactory - in P5 2.2.1 throws a Processing exception:

NoSuchMethodError: You may be using a library that's incompatible with this version of Processing.

Using DataObjectFactory works though.


Using P5 30a4 also works

I tried to look at the sources to try to figure out why, but couldn't spot...

method's code:

     * Constructs a Status object from rawJSON string.
     * @param rawJSON raw JSON form as String
     * @return Status
     * @throws TwitterException when provided string is not a valid JSON string.
     * @since Twitter4J 2.1.7
    public static Status createStatus(String rawJSON) throws TwitterException {
        try {
            return new StatusJSONImpl(new JSONObject(rawJSON));
        } catch (JSONException e) {
            throw new TwitterException(e);


Any ideas why?


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