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Hi everyone,

I've been thinking about this idea that I have that will likely need some complicated routing between environments. Basically I want to get an audio signal as my input, do an fft analysis on it and generate 3D scenes of nature.

I know how to do the fft analysis and recognize basic instruments but I'm not sure what environment or SDK will allow me to generate the 3D scenes. I was thinking maybe a gaming engine allows for this but I don't know how that would work. Does anyone have any resources or pointers?



  • What kind of 3D scenes? Abstract trees? Realism? Birds? Try to go into more detail, there are many answers.

  • Realistic scenes of nature, something you would see in a video game. An example scene I've been imagining in my head:

    A number of trees on a meadow land, a creek is passing through. The things that could change based on the music could be the wind, the flow of the current of the creek etc.

  • it might be easier to have different fountains of boxes or spheres and let them be controlled by the rhythm...

  • I've already done that and plus that's not very unique every electronic label has youtube videos like that now

  • sad but true

  • I hope you aren't talking tripple A game quality.

    Anyway, if you have a lot of time I would do it in softimage with ice.

    There are tons of compounds out there that allow you to do really cool stuff. https://vimeo.com/search?q=ice+tree

  • No definitely not ultra-realistic graphics, but I definitely want the final result to be HD. Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I also looked into blender which can be automated to work with processing according to what I've been reading. Which solution should I go with? My time is kind of limited to weekends mostly.

  • Answer ✓

    Go with blender, I think softimage is 100x better but it's a sinking ship. fuck autodesk

  • Thanks for the help man. Cheers.

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