How to send a terminal command from Processing in mac?

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for example: there is a terminal command like : openssl base64 -in /Users/saurabh.datta/Documents/Processing/sketches/tinderBot_101/application.macosx64/infoImage.jpg -out /Users/saurabh.datta/Documents/Processing/sketches/tinderBot_101/application.macosx64/encodedB64.txt How can I invoke this command from within Processing? All the threads I've checked doesn't work:


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    Using the runtime, you can call commands:

    String term = "openssl base64 -in /Users/saurabh.datta/Documents/Processing/sketches/tinderBot_101/application.macosx64/infoImage.jpg -out /Users/saurabh.datta/Documents/Processing/sketches/tinderBot_101/application.macosx64/encodedB64.txt";
    try {
    Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime();
    Process pr = rt.exec(term);
    } catch (Exception e){}

    hope this helps! ak

  • Thanks @akirsky - I got that one working..

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