my executable cannot run

I have a huge sketch based on a GUI Program, when I exported my program, this generate the executable file. this launch without problems, but, when I export all the files including the background, libraries etc... on another PC CAN'T RUN!!. Sketch made with ControlP5 and G4P Libraries, I don't know, but a think that the problem has a little familiarity with these libraries. So... Anyone can help me? , what could I do?


  • Dunno either! Perhaps when exporting your sketch, try with & without "Embed Java".
    Of course w/o any embedded Java, the OS running the sketch gotta have a property installed Java:

  • Thanks for it, but i've installed correctly Jre, and Jdk, and i've tryed with (embed Java for 64bit and the opposite) and... can't run... I built my sketch on the computer where the executable can't run, and I exported it, but ... Can't run too... and a little thing is, my Sketch normally the first time has been launched, creates Txt files that has the function to work like a Data base, and... Seems too rare, the Txt files are created when I Launch but the sketch, the Graphical part doesn't appear... I don't know what can i do more...

  • I solved it!!, the problem was, Processing 2.1.1 , compiles with error, so I've installed Processing 3.0a5, and I've tryed to compile again with the newest version... so the program finally ran. Thanks 4 your help

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