How to run Processing in Ubuntu 15.04?

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While in Mint 17.1 i can double click on the Processing icon and it asks me if I want to run it, In Ubuntu 15.04 the Processing file (and processing-java file) has no association and will not start. By default it is opened in a text editor. How to launch Processing in Ubuntu 15.04?

Btw, it would be good to have Processing in the Debian repository, Arduino is there too.



  • In Linux and other UNIX OSes, we need to mark that a file is executable.
    I'm not in a Linux OS right now, but IIRC, we can right-click it and go to "Properties".
    Then try to find the tab there related to file permissions. Good luck! :-bd

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    Thanks. I checked, but the file execution flag was already set. I think this might be some kind of Java issue with the default Ubuntu 15.04 system.

  • Apparently you have to install sun-java, which is non-free! So Processing is essentially non-free software?? Here is a great manual how to get Processing properly installed on Ubuntu/Mint:

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    • Processing is under LGPLv2.1+ license!
    • Processing comes bundled w/ Oracle's Java inside subfolder "/java/".
    • Up to Processing 2.0.3 I was able to delete it and run it under OpenJDK in Linux.
    • Although I couldn't install nor update 3rd-party libraries under OpenJDK.
    • And many libraries like Minim & Video didn't work either!
    • For that I had to use Processing 2 beta!!! @-)
    • Many times I've expressed here that Processing shouldn't come w/ old bundled Java.
    • And instead use OS's default Java. Be it Oracle or Open variants.
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