Octree from pointclouds of Kinect by Toxiclibs

Ciao everyone!

I am tring to have an oc-tree from pointclouds of kinect. Problem I had, was convert the


that is PVector array, to a Vec3D because I am usin Toxiclibs library. Finally I have a Vec3D array with all points inside. Now I have another big problem. If I use

tree.addAll(new ArrayList(toxVecs.length));

it draw me only one cube of the octree and not all points. Instead if i write

for (int i = 0; i < toxVecs.length-1; i++)


i receive the "Java heap error"!! toxVecs [] is my array with all pointclouds inside.

  • Any help?
  • Do you have other approach to solve this problem?

Help me please, don't leave me alone!

Thank you, Dam

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