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Hello guys,

I'm realizing now that minim will be out of processing 3.x+ releases, and that a "new library" is mentioned. Cannot find in the changelogs any insight on that, can anyone point me to a location where I can find more data on how to deal with audio in processing 3.x+ ?

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  • did you ever find answers? I am trying to figure out how to monitor the audio output of my soundcard so that I can turn the audio info into number range information, and then trigger events. Posted in the forums but to relatively no avail, and don't see any simple ways to do this using the methods described in niether documentation for minim or the new sound library.

    any help you can pose is appreciated, thanks

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    Yeah indeed just found my way out of this yesterday, and I was wrong, Minim still exists, you need however to download it via the new lib download interface. It's working now.

    For your audio output, I may have the solution since my latest project WaveWatch is using the output buffer to generate sound in realtime via the WaveMake tool. Check it out here :

    Inspect the wavemake code, in a nutshell you need to declare 2 items:

    AudioOutput out; WaveformRenderer waveform;

    To init them in your setup:

    out = minim.getLineOut(Minim.STEREO, 512, 44100); waveform = new WaveformRenderer();

    And to implement your rendrer as audiosignal using the following method:

    class WaveformRenderer implements AudioSignal
      synchronized void generate(float[] samp)
        // Do stuff Here and modify samp vector
      synchronized void generate(float[] sampL,float[] sampR)
        // Do stuff here and modify sampL and sampR vectors
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