Sharing your work... On the App Store?

After being very excited to make some actual tools that I can share with someone via a single file they "double-click" to execute I am being asked if others can buy these tools.

I would like to find out if anyone has any experience putting the exported apps made in Processing on the Apple App Store for the Mac?

I am thinking it would be pretty straightforward. They run the same as a bone fide app that anyone has downloaded. But are there any extra steps to getting it on there? Other than becoming a registered Apple Developer of course.

If there isn't a tutorial then I think there should be one!



  • I read here on the documentation that they are indeed just a regular .app that can be ran just the same.

    "The Mac OS X export is a nice .app bundle like a regular OS X application. You can change the icon or edit its settings by using "Show Package Contents" and editing Info.plist or replacing sketch.icns with something more exciting."

  • I guess I thought this might be a broader discussion.

    Is no one interested in monetizing software?

    Or is this kind of taboo in a forum for open-source software?

  • For instance here is an article about doing this with the Android Market:

    Getting closer...

  • Hey Casey, I think this is an interesting subject but I never saw Processing as a tool to make "apps" or monetizing. Maybe in my mind, I categorize it a bit too much towards the "art" side of things and less towards the app / money-making aspect of it.

    I'm guessing that since processing is built on top of Java it wouldn't be too hard to get an app going for either iTunes or Android. But I feel like there are better alternatives than processing to build apps. What do you think?

  • Hi Alvarop, I think it is certainly a possibility as well. It is definitely a tool for quick creative sketching, but it can also be used to export and share simple apps as well. I would not try to code the next Photoshop in here but there are quite a few that would be useful. Neat image filters, a game, or a simple utility are some things that come to mind.

    Take a look at DMesh for instance. It uses OpenFrameworks, I believe, to create simple image to mesh translation. It looks great and has a simple GUI similar to the ControlP5 aesthetic. It is possible for a simple tool to be on there and be succesful.

    I think there are others to work with for sure. However Processing is 100x easier to use than Xcode and if there was an easy tutorial, like some of the ones I mentioned above, it could enable others to share their work - if appropriate - through these markets as well.

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