3d ball in 2d neighbourhood

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So I am new to processing , and I want to create a video showing a 2D neighbourhood, with the output as a 30 sec video of . A 3d ball is rolling accross the 2d house neighborhood, towards the end of the program the 3d ball enters the last 2d home


  • Can anyone please guide me through . Thanx

  • Which part of this is giving you trouble? Break your goal down into a bunch of smaller steps, then attempt each step one at a time. Can you display the 2D neighborhood? Then can you create a separate sketch that shows a 3D ball? Only start combining things when you have each working separately. And when you get stuck on a specific step, post an MCVE here and we'll go from there.

  • No one has any idea what it is you're trying to do. Your description is not helpful. Maybe you can draw some mock-up images for us? Or perhaps show us the code you already have?

  • Okay , I am breaking my query into steps as Kevin said. I want to create an animation of rolling ball (3D) I am not an artist but I have programmed before , I found processing interesting, So please forgive me if my queries aren't clear. Thanks :)

  • Ok. Pretend it's rolling.

    void setup(){
    void draw(){
  • renamed discussion.

    please try and use descriptive subjects in future.

  • you could just use an image for the 2D houses


    display it as the background using background()

    then just use TfGuy44s code upon it


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