Displaying Processing Art

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I'm looking into large format displays, 10ft+ wide and 6ft+ tall. Here are some ways I've looked into and good/bad things about them.

  1. Projection - Huge range of price/size/types. I want something portable, not fragile, and relatively inexpensive. The general problem is the Pico/Pocket Projectors, which would otherwise be great, don't have a lot of luminosity. 20 - 500 lumens isn't enough for a situation where there is some ambient light (on a stage). I may be misguided on that, however.

  2. LED boards / fabric / etc. - This is amazing technology that is probably still too expensive to get some material with some decent resolution. It's hard to even find pricing answers. I assume it cost many thousands for the size of my ideal canvas(s). Additionally, I haven't a clue how information from Processing interacts with that.

  3. Video wall - could mean LED boards here but generally a combination of monitors. Anything of decent size here seems very expensive.

Any more ideas (or corrections) on displaying Processing Art on giant display? What are your recommendations?

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