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What are the easiest/best ways to share you work online. The main goal is to share an app online that people can download and run simply. The sketch uses net library if that complicates things.

  • I've tried exporting application and using dropbox.

run into some issues exporting for mac, and dropbox doesn't seem to be simple or clear as to how to download.


  • found a few things that help for mac.

    System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > “Allow applications downloaded from”

    and compressing the folder before sharing makes it a lot easier to download.

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    upload it on

    even when you can't run it online you can download from there

  • The easiest way for your users to run your sketch is if you deploy using Processing.js by using JavaScript mode.

    However, that means you can't use Java libraries, so it's not an option for everybody.

    Applets are pretty much dead, so your next best option is to deploy as a runnable jar.

    If you're just looking for a free host for your Processing applications, then I'd shamelessly suggest Static Void Games!

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