Image quilting with Processing

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Hi - I recently implemented Effros/Freeman's image quilting algorithm in Processing. That allows you to take a small texture image and knit together multiple samples of it to create a larger image that doesn't look tiled. More info through here.

For example, starting with:

You can end up with this:

Another example:

Anyhow, you can find and play with the source code here. The Effros-Freeman article is in the data folder.


  • This is pretty brilliant. I'm cooking up a texture generator that takes samples from the user's textures and builds new combinations from them - this kind of stitching would come very handy! Good work.

  • Feel free to take/use it as you see fit. I'm going to implement Wang Tile generation from it next. After that, I'm going to tackle generation of alternate Wang Tiles that allow for borders and transitions between textures. The code all will be in the same repository. I hope to get to it in the next month or so.

  • Awesome!

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