Error in export application

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I wrote a program and it is working properly on Processing V 1.5.1, but when I tried to Export it as Application (Standalone). I am getting an error below: Can you please guide me on how do I resolve it?

Could not copy source file: C:\Users\DANISH~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Project461640537993453470364temp\


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    Seems like you didn't even try to save it to a proper place 1st; as it is still on some temporary Window's folder!

  • can you please tell me where should I save it 1st....

  • Don't you have a folder dedicated for saving your sketches yet? @-)
    Any place far away from Window's system folders is nice! ;;)

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    This is my actual file location below ... I am also surprise that why it is showing that location in error.


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    • Seems correct to me! But indeed Processing relies on user's temp folder in order to compile.
    • Dunno why it would work when you CTRL+R, but fails for CTRL+E?
    • I wonder where you installed Processing. Better off placing it away from Windows' system folders.
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