Multiple monitors and Processing output window

Is there a way to control on which monitor the output window should appear?

I've been doing some visuals, using processing sketches fed into Resolume through syphon. Most of theses sketches are interactive, either through mouse, leap or midi. For some reason, it seems whenever I'm at a show, they insist on popping up on the projector, behind resolume's ouput. That means I can't interact with them.

I've tried rebooting, closing and reopening all of processing, and switching spaces(mac) before opening the sketches. It seems pretty random where they decide to open. Once they open on one monitor, I can't seem to get the to another, however.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


  • There's a setting in Processing's preferences to display sketches on monitor 1 or 2. Is that what you mean? It seems confused on my system about which monitor is 1, but at least it's consistent.

  • Ah, not sure how I missed that setting. Will try switching that to 2 next time this happens.

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