Exporting Application on machines with different screen resolutions

Hi there, I am relatively new to processing and am trying to export an application for the first time. However the sketch did not appear as desired on every machine that I tried on. Then I released that it is because I make use of the size(displayWidth, displayHeight, P3D); command. Thus, obviously it only appeared well on screens with the same resolution as the screen of the PC I created the sketch on.

Can anyone suggest a way how to make a sketch appear properly on any screen resolution?

I think it involves in setting each and every coordinate relative to the screen width and height right? However thinks may be more complicated since I am making use of images which I assume need to be re-sized in some way.

So basically I want the sketch to be re-sized to accommodate the resolution of the screen while maintain the aspect ratio.

Any tips will be greatly appreciated!


  • Anything which depends on canvas' dimensions should scale according to variables width & height:

    1. https://processing.org/reference/width.html
    2. https://processing.org/reference/height.html

    Sometimes we need to resize() PImage objects in relation to width & height too:

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    This for your tips. However wouldn't this lose the aspect radio of the sketch?

    The other cheap option is to have a fixed dimensions. However the application won't be adequate for all screen sizes.

    I have one more questions regarding Exporting. I need to present the application as a project to my collage. Thus I am trying to make the application as attractive as possible. Therefore I would like to know if there is a way how to prevent the console from opening when running a processing application? Till now I cannot find any so I am assuming that there isn't.

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    • Processing is compiled in Java.
    • And AFAIK, it offers an option to open as a windows like Processing's PDE does!
    • Although I dunno how, It's a matter of creating a "launcher" for the Java app.
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    The other cheap option is to have fixed dimensions.
    However the application won't be adequate for all screen sizes.

    Simplest solution is decide a proper fixed ratio size() based on displayWidth & displayHeight.

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